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When we consider renewal, we often don’t realize that our thoughts and the words that come out of our mouths are a contributing factor to a positive and healthy mindset on our journey of personal growth. How often do we speak life into our attitudes, our present conditions, our relationships, our future; ourselves? The truth is, for many people, there’s a pull towards the negative, the flaws, the offences; the worries. We are caught up and bound in feelings of hurt and anger that gets us no where. However, there’s a simple principle that we can utilize in our self-care journey to help us shift our mindset brighten our mood and feel a bit more renewed.

This small thing with so much power, is to simply, ‘speak life’. When you speak life, you introduce light and hope into the situation.  Speaking life is a choice. When you utilize the power to speak life over yourself, your dreams, your family and friends etc. That means that you are choosing to say the kind thing, the encouraging thing, the wise thing, the thing that unifies, the thing that prompts shared laughter and community; the thing that builds you up from the inside out. Speaking life is a discipline. It’s not easy at first to practice this type of intentional activity but it’s in practicing this discipline that you’ll get better at doing it. So, keep practicing even if it’s difficult, even when your situation doesn’t change, even when you feel like giving up. Sometimes we find it easier to be kind to others but much more difficult to extend that grace to ourselves. It’s important to note that practicing this simple discipline begins with you. The kinder you are to yourself, the more capacity for kindness you’ll be able to extend to others. Not certain where to start? Here are some free affirmations that will help you to speak life over yourself and begin to renew you.

“The kinder you are to yourself, the more capacity for kindness you’ll be able to extend to others.” [Tweet this]

There’s a proverb that says, “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.” Proverbs 18:21.  Are you choosing take better care of yourself by nourishing your body with the good fruits of your thoughts and words? Are you ready to begin speaking life over yourself?  It’s important to put ideas into actions so you can start seeing results in your life. So today, try to see the good in yourself and the people around you, try to find opportunities to speak life over yourself, someone else or a situation at work or at home. Trust me, you’ll see your outlook shift and your spirit will feel a bit more renewed by acting on this simple yet profound principle of speaking life.

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Char Lekx