Just got back from Mazatlan, Mexico where I went on vacation with my little family of four and my in-laws.  What struck me was how present I was able to be without all of the distractions of home. It was nice to simply break out of our routine and go with the flow. The kids had a great time hunting for seashells, spotting iguanas and leisurely swimming most of the day away.

While there, I realized once again, there’s so much we can learn from simply engaging in the moment with our kids. For example, I slowed WAY down, I smelled my favourite tropical flowers while walking along the paths. I lounged around and read an entire book I’ve been putting off for months. I drew pictures in the sand with my feet and explored flora, fauna, people, food, music and a new culture with the people I love the most in this world. Now we’re back home, I’ve decided to fall in line with my kids pace a little more often. In doing so, I might finally learn to practice, with consistency, the ever elusive art of being present.

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Char Lekx