Hey hon! Had an afternoon date with hubby while the kiddies were in school and it was fantastic! It was such a blast holding hands, walking, talking and exploring our city; looking at familiar sites with fresh new eyes. At one point over lunch, I found myself laughing my big belly laugh, head thrown back, tears streaming from my eyes. It felt so good. As a reflective type, that moment made me look at my journey over the last few months to discover how I got here; to see how I got to this space of dreaminess and joy.

You see, as I’ve been reconnecting with myself (my mind, body and soul) I’ve been intentionally creating space in order to rediscover what brings me joy, what floats my boat and what lights me up. I’ve found that simply checking in with myself has allowed me to expand and breathe a little bit easier. It’s also made me organically reach out to my loved ones in a whole new way, in a softer and lighter way. Through touches, smiles and open expressions, I’m meeting them where they’re at and loving them lavishly from a place of fullness; my cup is full. This has created space for fun, spontaneity, savouring good food and taking time to leisurely gaze into their eyes and taking advantage of the mundane moments to hold them gently heart to heart.

It’s been a time of dreaming again, a season of the-sky-is-the limit excitement, where we’re letting our minds indulge in our hopes and visions. These seasons in our lives are important; they are where we see glimpses of the possibilities. There’s freedom and joy in these moments. The joy that comes with authentically connecting with your loved ones and the freedom to dream and grow together in a healthy and happy way. Looking to reconnect with yourself and begin to fill your cup? You can listen to some self-care affirmations here.

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Char Lekx