Sometimes people break away from us like branches from a tree. I know this might be tough advice to receive, but allow the falling away to happen. Don’t try to pull them back in, don’t try to graft them back to you. Give yourself some time to pause and reflect. Allow yourself to sit with your perspective of your memories together, give yourself grace and accept that you may not know the motivation behind their behaviour; behind their need to break away.

Maybe they weren’t getting enough nourishment from your tree. Maybe you weren’t bearing good fruit through the branch of your relationship with them. Maybe you’ll come back together in the future and be able to sort it out. Maybe you’ll never know why they created distance between you. Let go of the speculations; let go of the maybes. Trust me, you could drive yourself nuts with all the maybes. Instead, accept the current situation, try to find the lesson, figure out how you would do it differently next time, be thankful for the experience, give yourself grace and move on.

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Char Lekx