Sometimes you’ve just got to kick it old school and put pen to paper so you can figure out your thoughts. With technology giving us great options all the time, we often get caught up in the new and exciting. We can now journal, scrapbook, pin, vision board etc. online. Yet recently, I was reminded of how much I love to simply journal on paper. There’s something I find calming about opening a journal, smoothing down the sheets of paper with my hand, watching the pen dance across the lines and filling the empty space with my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I find that even when you start from a place of confusion or turmoil, if you sit with a pen and paper, eventually your thoughts are able to pour out, stretch, multiply, contract, deepen, expand, get darker, then lighter and eventually coalesce into something concrete, something with substance, into what you wanted to get out of your soul but mere words spoken into thin air couldn’t quite capture it. At the very least, re-reading what you wrote can bring clarity to where you’re at and how you’re feeling about it and at the most possibly some wisdom about where you need to go in the future. I get that journalling isn’t fancy and new but I believe it can be transformative in a way that some of our newer technologies just can’t. Would like to hear your thoughts. What do you love about journalling?

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Char Lekx