A thought about Habits

Sometimes our bad habits become old and uncomfortable; we look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that those habits don’t look that great on us. This is a powerful moment. This is a eureka moment. This is the moment where we can choose to finally take off and discard the things that are not serving us anymore.
We can then replace them with healthy habits, things that make us look and feel better. Habits that fit better with the person we are right now; the person we are continually working on; the person we are becoming. Looking to adopt some great new habits? Join the 7 Days of Positivity Challenge.
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Change and comfort zones

Life is always changing and influx yet for some reason that seems to create a sense of anxiety in many people. Funny how I said people when that also includes me. I believe that a major part of our reaction towards change is because it means we’re leaving our comfort zones and embarking on unknown territory and that produces fear. The constant ‘what if’s’ become a mental loop, that then kicks us into fight or flight mode, where we either try to argue with our subconscious to get on board with this new thing or we get attacked by perfection paralysis and stay stuck. Neither option is ideal and rather than taking steps towards our transformation or the change we’re seeking, instead we often fly back to our comfort zones. It’s where we feel most at home, it’s where we feel safe; it’s where we feel competent and confident. However, it’s not allowing us to learn, stretch or grow into the person we’re hoping to be. If you’re tired of this struggle with your comfort zone and ready to make a shift, simply do these 3 things.

1.) Give yourself grace to know that this struggle is absolutely normal. Hit the pause button, sit with your journal and pen and write down 3 different experiences you’ve had in the past where you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and something great has come of it.

2.) Now write down 3 different experiences you’ve had in the past where you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and while you didn’t get the intended result, you still learned something great.

3.) Give yourself permission to be someone who learns from their experiences and grows from them.

Remember, change doesn’t have to be scary, instead it can be the place where magic begins to happen for you. You’ll get to experience new things and expand your horizons. The more you change and grow, the more you’ll find your comfort zone expanding and the more you’ll feel a greater sense of competence and confidence. Are you ready to begin breaking out of your comfort zone and embracing change? If yes, just know, you’ve got this hon.
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