Mind, Body & Soul 30 Day Transformation Program

New Year, New You! What if you took the first 30 days of the new year to work on being your best you? Ready to start 2018 strong? Join the Mind, Body & Soul Transformation Program.

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“Char has inspired me in so many ways! Her guidance and and passionate spirit has awaken me to a whole new level. I am so much more aware of who I am; she taught me how important self-care truly is! I did the 30 days challenge with Char and it was just phenomenal.  I watched myself transform into a woman who feels like I can now take on the world! Because of her, I now look at food as medicine and I am so much more cautious about what I feed my body. Char, thank you so much for all you do and please continue to inspire and bring awareness to people about how important their health and well being is, in order to have a happy, healthy life.”

Remona Sumdat
Hospitality Specialist


Get ready to thrive! Get ready to live a life of vitality. Over the next 30 days, join the tribe to release stinking thinking,  tiredness, low energy, bloating, lack of direction etc. Instead, it’s time to create a positive shift and take control of your mind, body and soul.


  • '60 Day Tracker' to help keep you accountable .
  • '30 Day Healthy Living Program' to help you get rid of toxins that have accumulated into your body and teach you how to use food get healthier and happier. You’ll get a meal plan, recipes, weekly shopping lists etc.
  • 'Live Your Best Life Workbook' to help you reflect on your past, clarify your present and cast a vision for your future.
  • '2 Mindset Audio Tracks' to help renew your mind. The first audio is filled with positive affirmations and the second one for you to meditate on is filled with scriptures of hope.
  • '1 on 1 Coaching' for 15 mins each week over the 30 days, to encourage you to identify your goals and help you to stick to them.


This package is valued at $973, but for a limited time only, you can get this 'Mind, Body & Soul Transformation Program' for only $354. Register by clicking the button below to reserve your spot today.

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