As a mom, there are some days where you’ll feel frustration. That’s absolutely normal. The thing is, no one like to stay mired in that feeling. Want to know two quick ways to break through the frustration?

1.) Ask yourself, “What’s going right?” Even if you feel like nothing is working, there’s usually something that is. So, look closely till you find the things in your life that are bringing you joy. Focus in on those things. Be grateful for those things. Keep reminding yourself that you’ve got some great blessings in the midst of your frustration.

2.) What’s your big dream? You might be feeling frustrated right now but what’s on your heart? What’s on your mind? What dream do you have for yourself? What vision do you have for your kids or for your family? Get future focused and ask yourself what you can do to begin moving closer to making your big dream transform into a reality? Then take action. It’s those necessary small steps that you take consistently that will and keep you getting closer and closer to your heart’s desire.

Frustration will come but you don’t have to invite it to stay. Instead, use these two super quick ways to focus on your possibilities and allow the frustration to dissipate.

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Char Lekx