You are phenomenal. You are wonderful. You are inspirational. You are enough. You are on your unique journey of learning and growing. You are a blessing.

Imagine if these were the thoughts swirling around your mind at any given moment? Thoughts of affirmation, kind thoughts, gentle thoughts, encouraging thoughts…maybe even, thoughts of love. I’ve heard it said, “Where your mind goes, your heart flows.” So maybe it’s time to fill your mind with thoughts that are nourishing to your entire body and soul. And as you intentionally sow seeds of self-love, they will sprout buds of self-confidence, self-worth and self-forgiveness. As you deepen your love of self, you’ll more readily offer yourself compassion; you’ll treat yourself with more gentleness and grace. You’ll see yourself stepping further and further out of your comfort zone, willing to try new things, understanding that failure is part of learning and finally excited to experience the process of discovery as opposed to dwelling on the potential outcome of your goals.

This new perspective; these new practices will eventually lead you to re-discovering old passions and uncovering new joys. When you’re ready to embark on this part of your journey of self-discovery, I want you to try writing a love note to yourself. Remind yourself of all the ways you bring light into this world. Remind yourself of the many things you deserve like love, respect, honesty, self-care, kindness and gentleness. Please hear this, you deserve to be treated like you matter…because you do. You don’t deserve to be hurt, even by yourself. You deserve the opportunity to keep getting better, to keep improving, to keep growing into the phenomenal woman you were created to be.

So write a love note to you, and at the end of it, don’t forget to remind yourself of these truths, “I am phenomenal. I am wonderful. I am inspirational. I am enough. I am on my unique journey of learning and growing. I am a blessing.”  You can download these reminders by clicking on the ‘Love note to you’ picture below.

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Char Lekx