Our guest on this episode of Village Mama is AmandaMuse, a mom of 2 and one of YouTube’s original Mom’s!

While living as an expatriate in Malaysia, Amanda started her YouTube channel “AmandaMuse” to document her journey into motherhood with her children, and connect with woman around the world on a similar path. She has created an engaged community online. Her authenticity and optimism through the highs and lows resonates with her audience.

Now living in the Toronto area, AmandaMuse has become a lifestyle brand, where she shares her views on life through videos on YouTube, traditional media, social media, a webseries and her live online shows. In 2018, Amanda was featured on TIME.com, appeared several times as a Lifestyle Expert on Global’s The Morning Show, and was nominated for Livestream of the Year Iris Award.

Amanda is keeping it real with us in this episode about ‘Creating a Mommy Community, Expat Living and Learning to Just Do You Boo’. We’re grateful to you for sharing your story mama!

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