Hey Mama! Parenting isn’t easy but we can keep working hard at learning and growing and giving ourselves compassion and grace in the process. No one has all the answers. I don’t have all the answers but I’m here to come alongside you and encourage you as you embark on your journey to being the best parent you can be.

My mission is to encourage busy moms to slow down and begin their journey of self-discovery, personal growth and transformation. To help my fellow moms design lives that are sustainable, balanced, mindful and filled with joy. I’m here to encourage you to go after your dreams so you can start walking in the direction of your calling. Why? Because you deserve good things too.

Are you curious about why I do what I do? Well, like you, I’m a mom with similar joys and struggles and I totally get it. I remember leaving the hospital with my first tiny baby nestled closely in my arms and feeling overwhelmed and wondering, what if I mess up? Here’s what I learned though, we are going to mess up; we’re also going to try our very best with our kids. #realtalk


The resources I’m offering here are opportunities for you to add more tools to your parenting tool belt. There will be local workshops offered in Toronto, Canada. For my fellow mamas who are juggling a lot on their plates and need support that they can fit into their active schedules and also mamas who would like to access these resources globally, I have created e-courses that you can access anytime and work through them at your own pace. These transformative e-courses will help you grow into your best self. It’s an opportunity for you to access coaching that will take you through your own self-discovery, self-care, personal growth and positive transformation as a woman and a mother.


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